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Saturday with CCP and a race car...

Ted is helping CCP with fixing up an old beat-up race car to run in an interesting contest called "24 hours of LeMons". http://www.24hoursoflemons.com/

I was taking the pictures to document the event. :-D Since I don't know much about fixing cars at all. Here's the picture set:

It was pretty fun. We'll see if it's ready for the race when the time comes...


Sad Day

Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away. If you don't know who she is, she involved in some way or another in every single aspect of Star Trek, and was Gene Roddenberry's wife. Today is a sad day for Star Trek fans everywhere, the world has lost a really cool lady.


This weekend was fun, Friday was the CCP Christmas party which was fun as almost all events there tend to be. We got a bottle of champagne as the gift exchange, and Ted doesn't drink champagne, and I'm not sure I'd enjoy the "extra dry" stuff we got. Plus, New Years Eve is in Philly, so we can't really bring it to use for that. We'll probably just give it to someone, we just don't know who yet.

The rest of the weekend we just ended up chilling at home mostly. But Saturday I was really geeking out, because I get a phone call from a number and area code I don't recognize. Turns out, it's one of my favorite authors Pat Rothfuss calling me about a prize I won in his charity fundraiser he just held for heifer.org. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about read his blog entry here: http://www.patrickrothfuss.com/blog/2008/11/heifer-international-details.html).
I donated mostly because I thought it was awesome he was matching donations, so my impact would be doubled. But a small part of me kinda hoped for one of the prizes, perhaps even the opportunity to get an advanced copy of his as-yet-to-be finished second book.
I won a prize, one of the signed color maps from the book, and he was calling to find out if I was actually a fan of his book or I just donated to it because I was linked by someone, or was hoping for a prize donated by someone else. And I got to talk to him personally for maybe 15 minutes, it was so incredibly awesome.

I am a book nerd who has now spoken personally to two of her favorite authors this year. *Happy Nerd*.

And if you have any interest at all in Fantasy books, and you haven't yet, please do yourself a favor and pick up and read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I just finished reading it a few weeks ago after running into a signed paperback I found & bought at DragonCon. If I didn't have a stack of other books I haven't read once yet, I would most likely be RE-reading it at the moment.

Pet Sitting/Kennels

Anyone in the atlanta area have animal care recommendations for the holidays we're going away for? Looks like our normal default people to watch are all going "home" too and we're not sure we can find any friends who will be here and willing to watch our animals. Two cats and a guinea pig.

Any suggestions welcome.

Princess Bride Meme

When you see this, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from The Princess Bride. Preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

"You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha..."

That's just about my favorite line ever in the movie. The whole thing is great, but I love that part.

hungry cravings

From the smell coming from the microwave I now have a craving for a really tasty chicken pot pie. I'm almost sure that's not what's cooking though...
I think it's time for lunch, perhaps I can find a pot pie another day...


Apparently a bunch of cities are banning or considering banning pants that look like they're falling off people's butts. (Including my city apparently.) I can't say I disagree even if a law seems a little much, although it's kind of ridiculous because they are essentially becoming "fashion police".

I just found this amusing. http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080916/od_afp/usfashionjusticeoffbeat

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What's the baby using?

25. Duh.
For explanation, see this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqhu5d51o6s
I don't think it's supposed to make sense, but for some reason it's hilarious, and Paul and Storm keep referencing it. They apparently went around to random people and confused celebrities to see who would get the most right, good, evil, or celebrities. I love the video, and it also kinda gives you an idea of some of the stuff we saw there, plus cool celebrities!

At some point I'll get to posting my stuff from the con, but not tonight.


Aug. 2nd, 2008

We're looking to get to dave and busters tonight around 7pm. FOr those of you who are coming...

Planning the PA trip

Hi folks.
For those who are interested in seeing us when we visit, here's the plan.
Like we did when we left, I think we're going to try and get to a Dave and Busters (or bowling, or something, D&B is just nice and simple) somehow and everyone who wants to see us then can, probably on that Saturday. My cousin apparently is having a grad party that day but honestly I'd rather see friends.
We are also considering another smaller get together in a more private place, tentative Friday night. Also another smaller get together(s?) a night or two during the week.
We're also going to try and see the niece and nephew, and S and J as much as possible, and I hope to see my parents at least once or twice.

We're only there for one weekend though, and we're going to be there the whole week (well, Tues-Sunday).

Here's where you guys need to let me know: If you want to see us when are you free? Also tell me if you want to see us so I can try and plan this, I don't want 5 people trying to take us 5 different places any given day. I hope for some people we can see you on weekdays/evenings. And if we can't see you, I'm sorry in advance. I hope we can work seeing everyone into the plan, but we'll have to see how it goes. We probably won't be able to see everyone we want to.

Comment, call, email, however you want to contact me and tell me, and tell anyone else who doesn't read LJ to contact me about this too. Please.


We bought a new(er) car today for me to use. 2004 Dodge Neon. Whee. I will miss my little blue civic, but not its lack of air conditioning or loud rattle.



I'm considering getting Netflix since I've heard it's really nice to have, and we kind of want to stop buying movies we think we want to own and then realizing they are awful.

There's even a free trial, so I'm definitely considering it.
I know a bunch of you probably have it already. So for you: Which plan do you think is the best value in your opinion? I'm leaning towards the 2 DVDs at a time (watch one, return the other so they're always a new movie to watch?), but I'd like opinions from people who have it already...


Only available for free to watch until the 20th, so hurry up and watch it if you haven't already! Act three will come out at midnight on Friday/Saturday.

Dr. Horrible is awesome. Will definitely buy when it comes out on DVD.

Guess the shuffling songs meme.

This meme is for you guys to answer! Go to it!

For those of you who live under rocks, how this one works is that I fire up the ol' MP3 player, put it on Shuffle, and post the first line or two of lyrics for the first 20 songs that come up. It is up to you, the reader, to guess the song and artist. First gets credit. No Google allowed - cheating is dumb.

Note: I did 28 because a bunch of these were SOOOO obscure or hard to guess, marked as such.
And don't feel bad if you miss a bunch, I would do really badly if I was guessing some of these.

Break out your useless trivia knowledge!Collapse )



We managed to book a flight to come back to philly area in july! We emailed most people who would really desperately want to see us when we're back home, but if we missed you let me know. We're going to have limited time while we're there because we want to visit with so many people, and we want to spend as much time with everyone as is humanly possible. Also, people are gonna have to come to us cuz we are trying not to spend money on a rental car.

Side note: I found our marriage license (lost after two moves in a random box), so I can finally get my car license plate and my car will no longer be technically illegal! Go me!



Note to self: checking prices on a Sunday night are not necessarily indications of prices on a Wednesday night. Also AirTran direct is cheaper than any "cheap airfare" websites. Keep in mind for future trips.

Once in a blue moon: a meme.

If you read this, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

Comments are screened.



So, we're new here, and I'm trying to straighten out everything. I went to refill a prescription the other day and found out the insurance company doesn't cover my old script because they don't cover my old doctor with this new insurance. I've been on a variation of this medicine for the past 8 years, and if I don't have it my body will probably go completely stupid. Of course, no one told me that after I had filled this prescription the last time here that it was under this 60 day probation period, and after that I have to go find a doctor here to give me a new script. HOw was I supposed to know this?

Anyway, so I'm like, fine, I haven't had a checkup in a long long time anyway, I'll go make a checkup appointment and ask nicely for my PCP to give me the same medication the specialist did until I find a decent specialist here. SO I call and explain the medicine thing to the secretary, and I'm like, and since I'm a new patient won't the doctor want to do like a full checkup or whatever you call it since I haven't really had a full checkup in a long time? She's like silent, and then says, I don't know what you're asking. grrr. Have you never heard of a CHECKUP? It's not that hard. Do you just like, not want to give me a checkup if I've never been to the doctor or something? She's like, are you saying you want a physical or something? I said is that the same thing as a full checkup sorta thing? What the hell about I want a checkup is so hard to understand? I really did not get a good impression of this assistant or whoever she was. She made me kind of annoyed. I finally got her to make me an appointment on Friday morning to at least get a new prescription so I won't have to pay the full $125 myself. Because that's the pressing issue. But has this woman never heard of PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE? You know, looking me over and checking all the major things and making sure I'm not going to die in a couple years or something? What the hell?

Sorry, I couldn't concentrate on work, so I had to rant and get this out so I can count one or two more slides and finally go home.


Weird things on You Tube

Some days I follow a chain of You Tube links, and most of the time I end up in really weird places.
Like this. What the hell? WEIRD.


I got to that after having watched this:




Hotlanta is Hot.
Car with no air conditioning + hour long commute in stop and go traffic the whole way + 90 degree heat/humidity = dead Lyds. Almost anyway. As it was, I just kinda barely didn't pass out until I stopped to play racquetball. Played my best game ever even with the heat exhaustion.
Thank goodness for central air.

I was going to email my old coworkers with a brief life update but I don't really have the energy tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

P.S. Went to GA Renn Festival on Saturday. Summary: hot, but about what we expected. Not as big as the PA Renn Faire, but still fun. Spent most of the time eating, talking with CCP friends, trying to stay out of the sun (and failing, with the sunburn), and watching ironworking/glassblowing.

stupid word "correction of the day"

Taxoltere: word thinks this is spelled wrong. It's a cancer drug.
It's suggestion: Axeltree

What the hell is an Axeltree? I understand word doesn't know medical/biological terms a lot of times, but I think sometimes it just makes things up...


New niece pictures

I picked some pictures of my new niece to post here. I didn't take them unfortunately, I hope we can get back to visit them sometime soon.
I'm a proud auntie!
I'm only linking a couple here, a few more on my LJ scrapbook.


body weirdness, work

My lower right abdomen randomly has been tingly every once in awhile for some reason. It doesn't hurt, but it's a weird feeling. I wonder what that means?

I'm hoping I'll have some time this weekend to have a real update, maybe finally finish uploading Morocco pictures, link to some pictures of the new baby (who is adorably cute), and maybe have time to think, clean up my apartment, and just relax. And Geordi's finally getting neutered today, so perhaps I will have a slightly calmer male cat on my hands in the near future. Once he forgives me for nasty car rides that he hates.

At the moment, I'm doing the unenviable task at work of making a catalog of nasty chemicals we have here in the lab. Because we have to. Some of the warning labels on the chemicals are kinda scary, I'm not even sure what this stuff is all used for. One wonders if being around all these chemicals all the time is bad...it's not like I handle them or eat them or anything...


stomach ick

Don't hold your breath tonight, not going to get more London/Morocco updates done tonight, my stomach feels like making me miserable tonight. Hopefully it'll let up soon, although it's been like this off and on all weekend. I must have a bug or something.

Going to go try and get some sleep.

P.S. I have joined twitter like so many now. I have been posting there to practice having to be precise in what I have to post unlike on here. I'm buhtterfly on there if you wanna find me and haven't.

Real content update and more coming soon

I've been bad at posting anything of actual content on here lately I realize. I'm preparing to write either a huge update or a series of slightly smaller updates, haven't decided which yet.
What about? Well I didn't publicize it too much over the internet before we went for whatever reason, but last week we went to Morocco via London on a vacation trip with CCP/Whitewolf.
It was the first out of the country experience either of us have really had (I went to the Bahamas once, but I don't count that really).
I am in the process of uploading all the pictures to my LJ scrapbook, because I don't feel like deciding which pictures are better than others, I'm lazy. I'll probably eventually post a selection of the better ones or ones I tweak to make better on flickr at some point. Unfortunately a lot of the pictures turned out kinda lousy because we brought the much better camera that only likes to take good pictures if the conditions are really good. But they're pictures that I took, so whatever. I'm hoping to swap pictures with others that were there who had better cameras than me, and if there are some of note, I might link them here.

People keep asking me since we've gotten back "How was Morocco?" and I really don't know how to answer. I guess the simplest answer would be it was VERY DIFFERENT. Possibly a little too different for me and Ted at least, having never experienced any country but our own. The languages most commonly spoken there were Arabic and French. Although Ted took high school french, he didn't remember a whole lot, and my latin classes only gave me a little help in picking out words here and there. So it was hard to communicate. And the currency was different, so we not only had to translate/point, we had to figure out how much things were in US terms all the time.
Now, these things are pretty true in most other countries you'd go to visit. But on top of that, Morocco is a very different culture from our own. The muslim call to prayer sounded from all the surrounding mosques while we were in a cafe at the end of our tour. It was interesting to hear, although we didn't understand what was being said. The shops there, called souks, were very different. Miles and miles of little booths selling everything you could possibly think of, meat, spices, clothing, pottery, metalwork, other food, etc. It was kind of like a giant farmers market in the states, except this is the main way people exchange goods there. And certain things struck us as completely different, such as meat sitting out on their counters/tables or even on the ground, unrefrigerated, and unguarded from the elements, animals, bugs, dirt. Walking past a butcher's shop, you see cow hooves displayed at eye level among the meats, and some people with us turned their head when they realized the butcher was about to cut up a live chicken right in front of them (we didn't see this ourselves, but we heard the chickens they kept back there).
The animals there also struck me, being an animal lover, and a scientist. Cats were EVERYWHERE you turned. People probably feed them to keep them around and keep pests away. Sadly I had to think about the fact that most of them probably carried disease with them as I doubt vet care was among priorities, so I kept walking when I saw them. I did cheer one on as I saw it race away with a large chunk of meat in its teeth to a corner where it could enjoy it's stolen (or perhaps given) feast. Frequently, when you turned a corner, if you didn't encounter a fast moving motorbike or bicycle, you would come face to face with a donkey hooked to a cart. It took me by surprise a few times. Animals were of course also used as entertainment in the square. Men came out from under umbrellaed areas and tried to offer to place a monkey or snake on you, of course expecting you to pay them for the privilege of taking your picture with it. I respectfully declined, still thinking about what kind of diseases could be lurking (in my field, you have to suit up head to toe just to TOUCH research monkeys, so even though I was very curious to interact with a monkey I just couldn't logically let myself do it).
The national past-time of Morocco is haggling. It's a sport to them, and it is expected of everyone that negotiating a price is half the experience of shopping. I didn't personally participate in it much, but I heard very interesting stories of people haggling prices for their souvenirs (I give you democratic price, no, serious offer, final price, no, second final price, third final price).

I think that's enough for now, I'm tired, and this entry is long enough. I'm in the process of uploading pictures, and I'll write more about the trip soon, especially since I'm looking for things to do this week.
Comment! Let me know I'm not writing all this for no reason other than my own edification.